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Retail is made up of people, stories, challenges - and not just segments. We realized that more than sharing space in the market, these entrepreneurs share moments of doubt, overcoming and achievement.

For us, the value of entrepreneurship, especially in retail, is in the day after day of moving a business .

We know that retail is challenging, but it is also what moves people, communities and products in a unique way.

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Be recognized as a hub of solutions for retailers through technology and experience


Grow together
Value every achievement
Take the next step
Do what is right

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1988 - The Beginning

In 1988, with the growing need for automation in retail, Megasul Sistemas was founded, launching ERP - Retaguarda, which worked with the information collected in the first POS.

90s - The Popularization of Automation in Retail

With the growth of technologies and increasingly demanding consumers, store owners realized the need to invest in automation, as their old passbooks alone no longer solved the problem.

1994 - Point of Sales

With the implementation of the Real Plan in 1994, the ICMS 156/94 agreement emerged. which required retail businesses to use ECF (Tax Coupon Issuer). The SPDV - Frente de Caixa was then developed, which replaced the old POS and cash register machines. Megasul now offered a complete solution for commercial management.

The following years

With the arrival of several foreign competitors and increasing customer demands, the only way to stand out was through savings, low prices and good service. With management solutions, many manual processes have been automated, representing a reduction of up to 10% in companies' annual costs.

For 3 decades we have been part of the evolution of retailers through work committed to doing what is right, valuing achievements, growing together and taking the next step towards the future.

Our technology, knowledge and experience serves retailers across the country and in various sectors, such as Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Opticians, Restaurants, Clothing and Footwear Stores, Auto Parts, Construction Materials and other segments that seek to innovate and differentiate themselves!

We believe that being a retail entrepreneur means overcoming daily challenges. That’s why retailers should be celebrated for what they show and maintain with a lot of effort.

We are here to face these challenges together with retailers. Without false promises, valuing success along the way, placing business as experiences and technology as an ally in retail.